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Amendment to NYS Tax Law Affects Recording of Deeds for LLCs

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New York’s new real estate transfer tax recording requirements for LLCs raise questions on whether the scope and complexity of the changes can be enforced or noncompliance monitored. Our State & Local Tax Group explores: Disclosing all LLC members Who is a “natural person”? Compliance and confidentiality concerns Read the full advisory here. [...]Read more

False Claims Act Is Again in Focus, This Time in New York

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Last week, our Unclaimed Property Team uncovered the broader implications of a New York court’s False Claims Act ruling that could create a new risk for holders that report past-due property. Overview of the action brought by the relator The court’s decision Implications for holders Read the full advisory here. [...]Read more

Unclaimed Property Advisory: New York Puts Coal in Gift Card Issuers’ Stockings with New Rules

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Our Unclaimed Property Group explains how, effective December 25, New York will further restrict gift card service fees, limit card expiration dates and require additional terms and conditions to be clearly and conspicuously stated.

Read the full advisory here.