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California Updates Unclaimed Property Law to Recognize Electronic Recurring Bank Account Activity

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On September 22, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2258 into law, which revises California’s Unclaimed Property Law (UPL) to expressly recognize that certain electronic recurring transactions constitute “owner-generated activity” that would prevent accounts held by a banking or financial organization from being considered presumed abandoned.  As described by the bill’s author, AB 2258 effectuates a “simple modernization of the statute,” which will “eliminate unnecessary escheatment notices to be sent from the bank to the account holder that require the account holder to affirm [...]Read more

Pennsylvania Amends IRA Provisions of Unclaimed Property Law and Adds Due Diligence Requirements

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The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed HB 1605 on July 13, 2016, and it was approved by Governor Tom Wolf on the same day.  Contained within this omnibus finance bill are two sections that significantly amend Pennsylvania's unclaimed property law: section 4, which revises the dormancy standard applicable to IRAs; and section 5, which imposes formal due diligence requirements on holders. In particular, section 4 of HB 1605 revises section 1301.8 of Pennsylvania's unclaimed property law to provide that the dormancy period for a retirement account is triggered when the holder “has lost [...]Read more