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The Supreme Court, Federal Taxation and the Constitution

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In my recently published book, The Supreme Court, Federal Taxation and the Constitution, I review several constitutional issues that could impact the coming consideration of broad scale tax reform in Congress. It is likely that Congress will be more attentive to possible constitutional issues than it was when it enacted the health care tax provisions in 2010. The failure to clearly label that tax as a tax fueled multiple lawsuits against the tax that ultimately had to be decided by the Supreme Court in a surprising split decision in which Chief Justice Roberts wound up siding with the supporters [...]Read more

Global Banks Being Audited

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All global banks currently being audited by the IRS, which have engaged in cross-border withholding planning for clients, should take careful notice of AM 2012-009. This GLAM explains to IRS LB&I how to assess foreign affiliates of domestic banks that did not withhold tax on foreign stock borrowing and back-to-back swaps, in reliance on Notice 97-66. The basic advice is to assert the economic substance doctrine. Fortunately, the advice applies only to transactions prior to the partial codification of the doctrine in 2010, which happened to coincide with legislation fixing the Notice 97-66 [...]Read more

Beware of IRS Closing Agreements

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United States v. ConocoPhillips, 2012 WL 3646809 (WD Okla) provides a good illustration on how closing agreements with the IRS are like any other contracts, only moreso, because the IRS is likely to be a particularly unbending contract partner if interpretive issues arise. Facts. Owners of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline agreed with the IRS in a closing agreement that they could deduct $900 million—ratably, over 25 years—for remediation costs that would be paid at the end of the lifetime of the pipeline. The agreement allowed the deductions to the current owners and successors in interest [...]Read more