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John Hickman
John is a pioneer in compliance issues for employer sponsored health plans. His 25-plus years of experience with HSAs, consumer directed health care and HIPAA enable him to spot issues and opportunities that save his clients money and avoid long-term administrative headaches.  Read More

Lawsuits Are Focused on Wellness Program Compliance. Are You?

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Wellness programs are a win-win for everybody – until administrators run afoul of ambiguous rules and regulations. Our Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Group analyzes two recent lawsuits that could impact program design and tobacco surcharges. AARP v. EEOC Acosta v. Macy’s The implications Read the full advisory here.  [...]Read more

ADVISORY: The American Health Care Act Moves Forward: What Employers need to Know About the House-Passed Bill

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The American Health Care Act may not be law yet, but the House-passed version gives us an idea of what to expect. Our Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Group provides an outline of the current bill and the changes it would bring to the Affordable Care Act. Employer reporting requirements Taxes What’s next Read the full advisory here. [...]Read more