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Section 355 No-Rule Tightened

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The IRS issued its annual no-ruling revenue procedure, Rev. Proc. 2013-3, which added several items relating to Section 355 distributions. The IRS is studying, and therefore, will not rule on (1) whether “control” is distributed if the distributing corporation acquired control by virtue of some transaction involving stock of the controlled corporation having different voting power, and (2) whether debt is exchanged for stock of the controlled corporation under Section 355 if the debt was issued in anticipation of the spinoff. In addition the IRS is studying and will not rule on the [...]Read more

Non-355 Ruling

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Sometimes, a corporation wants to distribute stock of a subsidiary to its shareholders in a taxable transaction and does not want Section 355 to apply to prevent income recognition to both the corporation and the shareholders. Perhaps the corporation has expiring losses it can use to offset any Section 311 gain, and perhaps the shareholders wanted to enjoy the waning moments of the 15 percent tax rate on dividends in 2012. Of course, Section 355 is not elective. Therefore, the corporation may have to do something to avoid the application of Section 355. One thing to do is to state that it is distributing [...]Read more